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Free Shipping on Orders above Rs.999
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Free Shipping on Orders above Rs.999
Cash On Delivery Available
100% Trusted Quality


Ensuring authenticity is one of Rekinza's core objectives. The authenticity process that each item goes through at Rekinza is strict and thorough, and in line with the prevailing industry standards.


We draw from the expertise of our merchandising and authentication team which evaluates each item for brand-specific authenticity details, including materials, stitching, name plates, hardware, serial numbers and holograms. Thus, everything passes through our strict authenticity tests before it is approved and uploaded on our website.


Piracy is an ever growing danger in all industries around the world, and fashion is no exception. However, by gaining an understanding of the product, bad experiences with fakes and counterfeits can be avoided. And that’s where Rekinza, your trusted authenticity partner, can help you.


NOTE: Rekinza does not accept fake or counterfeit merchandise of any kind. If we suspect that a submitted consignment is inauthentic we will contact the seller for proof of purchase. Counterfeit items discovered will be destroyed and not returned to the consignor.


Partners with Authenticate first


For items belonging to our "luxury pieces" category we have partnered up with 'Authenticate First' based in Los Angeles, USA to get third-party confirmations regarding the authenticity of these high value items.We guarantee the authenticity of every item we list for sale and provide a authentication certificate by ‘Authenticate First’.


The Guide


The Rekinza guide to authenticity will equip you to become aware of and potentially identify counterfeits. By checking for the key markings and codes mentioned on our website you can be certain of making all the right choices while buying pre-owned items. Markings and signs vary for all brands, however a general quality standard prevails for all products. Always look for details like stitching, hardware and interiors of the luxury or designer items.


For handbags and wallets, the stitching should be clean and light-handed (indicating use of high-quality tools & equipment). The hardware should indicate use of good quality metal (weight and finish); zippers should slide easily in most cases. The interiors of the product should be as immaculate in construction as the outside.


For shoes, the stitching should be clean and even. Wonky or uneven stitching is a dead giveaway of fake/ counterfeit items. The leather and sole quality of the shoes should indicate a natural aging process. The heels and buckles should indicate the use of good quality rubber and metal (weight and finish). The finishing on the inside of the shoe should match the outside.


For clothing, some tip-offs include poor stitching, crooked labels, or misspelled brand names. Also, certain brands have hardware like zippers and clasps that are specific to their brand. These are identifiers that help shoppers know they’ve found the real deal.
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